R. Swiss Glass SA is able to provide the repair of the windscreens, the side-windows and the rear-window. First we try to repair  the glass , in order to help our client to save money, but if your car insurance covered also this accident, the job will be free of charge.

A little splinter of the windscreen could be transform in a bigger breaking in any moment and it could be dangerous for you and for your passengers, reducing the visibility and also the car cannot pass the periodical revisal.

Often the splinter or a little breaking can be repaired if its dimension are not bigger of a 2 euros coins and also if it is not inside the visibility area of the driver.

Our technicians can state if the windscreen can be repaired or not.

When the windscreen repaired is still like it was before and with the same consistence.

The repair is very quickly ( maximum 30 minutes) with a very reasonable price and it lets the driver to be safer.

The windscreens help and reach the 34% of the flexibility of the chassis of the car itself.

The repair of a splinter help you to save time and money and it happens in a very easy way.


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