The obscuration of the glasses need a very high qualified knowledge of the technicians, the background of them supports their professional work . They make many training sessions in order to be more qualified and updated on the topics and guarantee an higher standard of the services.

Some reasons to put  obscure glasses:


Protect your own privacy from the outside and give more appeal to the style of the car itself.

 Comfort and Saving

During the hot seasons the obscuration of the glasses guarantees a more comfortable car habitat filtering the bad sun-light till 99.9%, and helping the process of discoloration of the car interiors. The obscuration of the car glasses helps to reduce the noisy reflexes, without using the car curtains that interfere with the visibility of the driver.

Reducing the inside car temperature, we can use less the air condition system in order to obtain an energetic  and economic saving but also a lower environment impact.


In case of a crash, the broken glass remains bounded to the film, embodied the splinters giving more safeness to the driver.

These solar films are made of a slightly metalized coat; there is a various range of obscuration depending on the thickness of the metalized coat, from the brighter to the black ones, may reduce the dazzling.

The films can only be put on rear-window and on the back-side ones as for the law.

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